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Loving Teen Wolf

Preference Request: You get injured and he takes care of you

Isaac: You and Isaac were having a day in, you had mostly spent the day being lazy, and it was now time to make dinner. You had decided to make homemade pizza, while Isaac rolled the dough and put sauce on it, you started slicing the mushrooms, peppers, and pepperoni. You were done with the pepperoni and peppers and now it was time for the mushrooms, you were having trouble due to the fact that the mushrooms were so small and the knife was kind of large. You had sliced the first few and were almost done the second when the knife slipped. You were terrified of blood so you were a little bit afraid to look down, just as you were about to look Isaac was by your side with a cloth in his hand, “What happened (Y,N)?” You removed the cloth and quickly looked down, you almost passed out at what you saw. Your finger was sliced open with blood gushing out, you quickly put the cloth back on, “Stupid mushrooms were too small and the knife was too big, they were practically impossible to cut!” Isaac smiled at you “You should’ve told me I could’ve cut them, besides if I were to get hurt I would be healed in minutes, now lets get you to the hospital I think your going to need stitches.” You sighed before following Isaac out the door, you ended up needing three stitches in your finger, from then on you were always the one rolling the dough and putting sauce on the pizza, and you never really cut anything small again. 

Scott: It was a nice day outside so you and your boyfriend Scott had decided to visit the skateboard park. You were both doing tricks when you attempted to do a rail slide, It started off ok, but hallway through you fell off your board and landed on your arm. “OW, OW, OW!” You said as you got up holding onto your arm. Scott was by your side before you could blink. He gently took your arm in his hand, and felt it for any injuries. “I’m pretty sure you fractured it,” He told you as he started to lead you out of the park. Scott was right you did end up fracturing your arm, luckily it wasn’t too bad so you didn’t have to keep your cast on for too long. 

Stiles: You and Stiles were bored on day, so you decided to climb trees. You were laughing as Stiles was hanging off a branch by his arm, “Hey (Y.N) look at me I’m a monkey. You laughed and held yourself off your arms too, “Look Stiles I’m a monkey t-” CRASH, you had somehow managed to fall off the branch…and land awkwardly on your leg. You screamed in pain clutching your leg, Stiles immediately jumped off the branch and was right by your side, pulling out his phone to dial the ambulance. “It’s going to be ok (Y.N) the ambulance is on their way don’t worry just calm down, your ok, I got you.” You started to calm down a little but you were still in a great deal of pain. Stiles stayed with you the entire time you were at the hospital and made sure you had everything you needed, let’s just say there wasn’t any tree climbing any time soon. 

Derek: You and Derek had decided to go horseback riding for the day and you were really excited, Derek knew that you had always wanted to learn how to ride a horse but you never really had a chance to go. You had successfully gotten up and were learning how to gallop. You were halfway down the track when the horse spooked, causing you to go flying off. Derek immediately jumped off his horse and ran over to you, “(Y.N) are you ok?” You nodded your head and rubbed your back, “Yeah, just a little winded,” Derek picked you up and walked you over to the car. He spoke to the man running the horses and helped him bring them back to the barn, then he came back to the car to get you, “Come on, this is a little bit dangerous, how about i take you home and we rent a movie instead?” You sighed and nodded your head, I guess it wasn’t the best idea for you to ride a horse considering how clumsy you were. 

Aiden: You loved Aiden’s motorcycle and were constantly begging him to teach you how to ride it. After you begged him constantly he finally agreed to teach you. He made sure you started off slow, and taught you how to brake and the other important essentials. Aiden had taken you to a dirt road, so you could practice driving on a not so hard surface. When you had managed to ride the bike for a few seconds before you hit a rock. You immediately pushed down on the front brake and you went flying over the bike. You hit your arm on a rock and you could feel the blood. Aiden was by your side in an instant, “(Y.N) are you ok? We need to get you to a hospital.” He murmured picking you up. “This is the last time I try to teach you anything dangerous.” Aiden exclaimed, you pouted “But, I was doing so well up until the braking part.” Aiden sighed, “Fine this is the last time I try to teach you anything dangerous without you wearing full body padding and me with you.” Aiden made sure to stay by your side all throughout your trip to the hospital, and took perfect care of you until you were good as new. 

Sorry Dereks wasn’t the best, I kind of ran out of ideas :P

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